The DPS Alumni Association has maintained extremely cordial relations with our Alma Mater, the mother School- DPS Mathura Road, its Principals, Teachers and Administrative staff; with other DPS Schools and the DPS Society too.

It has also been our endeavor to welcome alumni of other DPS Schools too- akin to a big banyan tree having branches, but a common trunk and roots.

Illustrative accomplishments of your Alumni Association over last few years:
Some Firsts
* A “DIPSITE Talent Award” starting from year 2010 in Mumbai.

* A “DIPSITE of The Year” Award, starting from year 2007, for noteworthy contribution in:   Nation Building, Public Service, Wellness & Education, Entrepreneurship, Business   person, Entertainment & Creativity- and such like… and will certainly set a trend.

* The DIPSITES AFFINITY CARD(JV between the DIPSITES ASSOCIATION and   Standard Chartered Bank) crossed the 900 mark (without advertisement) within 2   months of commencement;well written about in leading Newspapers and Magazines.

* Dipsites- including Rakesh Aggarwal, Capt. Gurcharan, Lalit Kalra, Pratibha Garewal   (USA) and Dr. Arvind Mahajan (USA) have generously contributed to “Happy School’ a   School for underprivileged students in Gurgaon (DLF Phase1).

* Dipsites have not forgotten their Alma Mater and have contributed, to the best of it’s   abilities, in keeping our school flag flying aloft.
  Rs. 75,000/- for Nursery Block at DPS Mathura Road
  Rs. 1,50,000/- to the school for the Golden Jubilee celebrations
  Rs. 50,000/- towards DPS Mewat, Haryana, a Delhi Public School in an economically   challenged area

* For Blind Relief Association- Delhi, School that had requested assistance in terms of   apparel for it’s students….and one DIPSITE magnanimously paid for the entire sets of   clothing costing Rs. 30,000/-.
  Many DIPSITES volunteered to assist including Karan and Pratibha Garewal (USA),   Sachin Trehan (USA), Priytosh Wali, Ashish Bhutani, Namit Bhalla, Micky Kapoor,   Davinder Vacher, Saket Gupta- and the BRA School was overwhelmed with the   sentiments and generosity shown.

* Contribution to Kalakar Trust Rs.40,000/-

* Contribution/ Co-sponsorship of ‘Dipsite of the Year Award- 2009’ Rs 35,000/-

Fun Events
* DIPSITES ANNUAL DINNER . always Dec 27th
  The DIPSITES ASSOCIATION Annual Dinner is an evening of fun and frolic, nostalgia   and memories, meeting prominent DIPSITES and old teachers/ principals, catching up   with old friends, making new ones.

*  DIPSITES AUTUMN BALL. usually Sept/ Oct
   Usually held at the dimly lit lawns of THE FARMHOUSE RESTAURANT, with the    towering Qutab Minar in the background, this delightful Autumn event has all the    ingredients for a great evening.

*  ANNUAL SPORTS DAY… usually Feb/ March
   This Spring event for Dipsites and families include field and athletic events. Musical,    chairs, Tambola Animal Rides for children, games. Magic Show etc keep the Dipsites    families delighted for hours together.

    A DIPSITES ‘do’ in Mumbai.Jan/ Feb..

  – Theatre plays
  – Blood donation camp

  Three EVENTS Planned for 2013
  – Dipsites Annual Ball
  – Sports events with other Alumni Associations
  – Career Counseling Sessions

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