Dipsites Golf Tournament

The Dipsites Association in its endeavour to add ‘firsts’, is all set to boldly go on
to hold a Golf Tournament- something we have never attempted before.

We Dipsites have our own character, tensility, resourcefulness and desire to do
things that bring in cheer and bonhomie in our lives. And the proposed Golf
Tournament aims to bring Dipsites and their families together for a fun-filled day.

The Dipsites Golf Tournament proposed to be held on a Sunday (11th, 18th or
25th Feb twenty18) aims at, above all, an enjoyable day of bonding and
camaraderie for existing members and for new members and participants
to join the activity.

The format initially conceptualized is:
* Stroke Play Tournament over 18 holes, at a premium Golf club in Gurgaon
10.00 am              Registration and Refreshments
11.00 am              T off Shotgun start
Adequate snacks and beverages will be provided on course
* 75 to 100 participants (A small participation fee is planned)
* There will be a winner and runner-up from each of the following categories:
Gents                                Ladies
0-8 Handicaps                    0-10 Handicaps
9-16 Handicaps                  11-24 Handicaps
17-24 Handicaps               25-36 Handicaps
* Prize Distribution and Dinner 7.30 pm

The exact venue of the Golf Course and Prize Distribution Dinner will be
conveyed later. It is proposed to make this an Annual event.
We want to organise it properly, run on sponsorships paying for itself so it
becomes a great option for our Alumni Association that wants to organize
other events without breaking the bank.

My team thanks you all Dipsites for your continued encouragement and support
on new ideas and firsts. And look forward to your responses/ suggestions so that
we can begin work on Sponsorship and other details quickly.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

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