Health Orientation event for Dipsites and families

These days, everyday, everyone receives one or two SMss on various tests that can be conducted- and the charges are dropping by the SMS; someone may actually end up offering to pay and do the tests too! On the other hand, the most worrisome health issues today are: Diabetes and Hypertension… and an important silent disease Osteoporosis.
Awareness, early detection and adoption of bone strengthening strategies will go a long way in reducing the risk factor here.

Having attended a Health Camp recently by a well known medical company recently in my condominium, I contacted Artemis Hospitals and they, in their constant endeavor to spread health awareness, are happy to conduct a Health Orientation for DPS alumni/families. On Sunday 27th Nov.2016 at a central location in New Delhi 10am-1pm

Artemis will take care of: 

1. Complimentary service:* General check up (Weight, Height, BMI, B.P & Random blood sugar) * ECG * Eye check up * BMD (bone density check up) * Doctor Consultation: Cardiology, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, General Physician, Paediatric, Dietician, Physiotherapy
2. Discount coupons

We need sponsors for:
1. Venue (South/ Central Delhi) One big hall for general check up, Eye check up, BMD test and doctor’s consultation, Two private rooms with bed/stretcher for Gynac consultation and ECG test. and 10 tables and 20 chairs.
2. Participation of: Health Food organizations, Gyms, Brunch makers with calories displayed etc.
3. Guest of honors (including a celebrity that promotes health and fitness)
4. Street play (optional, to make event interesting)
5. Snacks for doctor and staff

There will be lots for the whole family to do and see at this ‘first of its kind’ alumni event.
But it is with enthusiasm, commitment, planning, collaboration and dedication that this event will be a success and in an endeavor to do something interesting, meaningful and useful for the DPS community, my team and I request you to:
(a) Give us any suggestions that will increase event value
(b) Let us know whether we should go ahead or not. Please click here.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


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