Back 2 School, in 1976

Our class of 1976, that completes 40 years of having left school, is delighted to learn about
Principal Mr Manohar Lal’s magnanimous gesture in inviting us Dipsites on one day
in September 2016 to take a trip down memory lane and relive moments of a time when there was no
Internet, no mobile phone, hand written letters and birthday cards were commonplace… and a 70% in CBSE
Boards assured one a seat in a good college in Delhi University.

We will invite our teachers and pay our regards.
Suggestions are very welcome….

Earlier in the day yesterday, I had gone to DPS Mathura Road to seek approval and am very happy to share with
you all that the courtesies extended by the Principal, Vice Principals and senior Teaching staff were extremely
warm, pleasant, genuine and sincere.

Am so proud to be a Dipsite!


CA Rajiv Soni
Cell: 98-993-28283



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