Culinary event for Dipsites

Many Dipsites have been keen to have a culinary event, and so having spoken around one has the
following options :

* Guests can be made to taste different wines and attend an engrossing session on wine-pairing,
conducted by a leading Wine Sommelier. This will be one way in ensuring that everyone goes
back with some education and also appreciating finer things in life. Learning about wines is an
interesting area, which should appeal to one and all.

* A cooking demo and session by a leading Chef on Indian/ Continental cooking, followed by an
elaborate lunch over chit-chat.

We would like to know which of the above two options finds favor with you, expected participants,
duration of the event, if a meal is to be part of the event (lunch/ dinner), budget constraints, and
a tentative date.

Do share your thoughts to enable us to finalize the plan and confirm all arrangements.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


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