Starting a platform for young Dipsite entrepreneurs…

We are delighted to share with you the response from Dipsites, in order these were received
until eve of 27th May 2015.

Piush Kumar: …happy to vet ideas if there something
deserving., send cv/ideas to_______ . Best there be some kind of process so this is not a
free for all

Vinod Kumar Mehra: Noble initiative. We can arrange a skype to understand the
vision and goal. my skype id is _________
Let me know your convenience any time in the evening later 9:00pm Delhi time

Huma Siddiqui: good initiative but there shld be some sort of get together where we can do
brain storming or not.

Rakesh K Mathur: Why just entrepreneurs ? Why not excellence in any field ?

Pawan Bakshi: Excellent Initiative.

Rajesh Chugh: This is a very brilliant idea..
Lets go ahead and give it a hand but to the deserving people with meticulous planning and
analytical proficiency . We need to deliberate on topics, and then deliberate AND debate
some more . People’s experiences have to be considered and learnt from …

Vinod Kumar Mehra
1) Its a noble initiative that needs direction for acorn to grow into a mighty oak.
2) You will find many to mentor, guide and funds.
3) Having said that the program needs a focus, plan and a model that can be unique
to DPS students and not left open.
4) Once the model is agreed upon – to begin with roll out the program in 2 – 3
schools among 10 – 12 th grade students.
5) This could be 3 – 6 months program.
6) Agree on technology DPS wants to innovate wherein students ideas/talent is
invited. Obvious innovation topics could be Drones, Mobility, AI, Robotics, security,
Mobile apps. But how about Social entrepreneurship that would become
emerging business trend.
7)My suggestion – build up an innovation model for DPS. And once that is in place
other pieces will fall into place.
8) Easy way out could be partnering with one of the leading incubator to jump start.
Just broad opinion on your noble initiative.

Deepak Nijhawan: Sorry for the delayed response. My daughter Sonia is getting married on
August 1, 2015 and so have been a bit distracted from other opportunities to help out.
You can count on me for this. I will have more time to devote on this in a few months.
However, I am looking for students who are looking to get involved in tech startup area.
My sons, Neil and Kush Nijhawan still in college have launched a start up called Shortnotice
in US. If some students want to get involved with Shortnotice they can email their resume to
them right away and they will get the process going. They can go to ________ and
apply by sending email to _______.

On the fun side check out the wedding site my daughter and fiancé launched last week. It is

Sincerely,Deepak Nijhawan. President, Infocon Systems, Inc

Sumit Kumar: Brilliant … That’s an awesome idea, tapping the DPS wealth of talent &
giving the young fertile minds, what i am sure will be a wonderful platform to grow, develop
& prove themselves…Am sure it will be a great success…All the best.Sumit Kumar

Rishi Kappal: I am setting up an entrepreneurial accelerator in Pune. Would like to do
sessions in DPS and bring out entreprenueurs which we can accelerate and give seed funding
. Write to me on ____

Tushar Somani: I would be happy to support this, and agree that it is a great idea!
Tushar Somani, Vice President, Operations, Aramark Healthcare USA

Kingshuk Ganguly: I am happy to be involved.

Atanu Das: Its a great move, I support the cause. Wish to get good response from
young brigade. Hope to be part of this initiative.

Manav Khurana: Would be more than happy to participate and provide inputs and

Prof. Nita Verma: what a gr8 idea n endeavor…. we dipsites can surely collectively
contribte such a eagerly on the bandwagon. keep me posted

Manish Chaturvedi: Sure, I am interested . Keep me update .

My team and I are putting together the methodology for putting into action the inputs of the


CA Rajiv Soni
Cell: 98-993-28283


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