Starting a platform for young Dipsite entrepreneurs…

In the recent past, I was approached by some High School students of a DPS school to mentor them
on a rather unique Internet based application. That set us thinking…and we sent out the following
email to just a few Dipsites:
We are restructuring The Dipsites Association and among the first few activities that we want to pursue
is: Start a platform for young Dipsite entrepreneurs needing mentoring, seed
capital and support.

Young India needs to be encouraged to Innovate. To create change; To disrupt the
status quo…to generate groundbreaking ideas in plenty of contexts beyond business~
Government, academic and non-profit organizations…thereby sparking change.

The plan is initially to look for Innovations in High School students of all DPS schools.
Innovations in the form of new products, business models, customer
experiences or any form of new idea.

In this regard, my team and I seek inputs/ guidance from you…and certainly,

Just some things that disturb me:
No Indian university in global top 200
Top Ethical Companies in the world- Not a Single Indian!
Does India Inc love corruption: Not a single Indian private co part of UN initiative
against graft.
World’s best metropolises: No Indian city in top 40!

Within two days, we got an encouraging response from two Dipsites- Piush Kumar (Hong Kong/ US based)
and Vinod Mehra (UAE based).

They say ‘from little acorns grow mighty oaks’ and so… as we table the first app of two 17 year old
DPS students to the above two Dipsite entrepreneurs, we seek interest of other Dipsites who would
like to partake in building this platform…and take the DPS Alumni Association to greater heights
and be of use to the DPS commune and the society at large.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


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