Why Mrs Sharda Nayak deserves support

Dr Sharda Nayak made a bold move to displace Vijay Shunglu whose flawed election as Chairman and subsequent questionable decisions have caused great anxiety and concern to. Members of the DPS Society.

She believes she has the support of all Members who are not tied to any compulsion. Mr Shunglu had himself similarly displaced Narender Kumar and midway brought Mr Ashok Chandra to be Chairman. The accepted tradition of no-confidence has operated in DPS Society from the ouster of the legendary Din. Dayal, Justice N N Goswami, Narender Kumar, but obviously has to be tested in GB meeting by a majority. It is Mr Shunglu’s obdurate refusal to allow a majority consideration of the issue and indeed manipulation to introduce new members without lawful sanction of the GB that caused the crisis.

The way out is not to maliciously involve the police and use strong arm tactics of requisitioned goons under the supervision of unlawfully reinstated Principal of DPS Faridabad but to convene a meeting of the GB where all matters but particularly the report of the Election Disputes Resolution Committee ought to be considered.

This is not the time to hide behind false curtains of moral approbation and patently untruthful accounts of events by obviously interested parties but to accept the wrongs that have been committed by the establishment and the spirit of satyagrah that Dr Sharda Nayak exhibited peacefully.

This issue cannot be decided by the police merely because there is a stand off between members and there is no cause to believe that peace is threatened. It has to be a decision of the members at a GB meeting or else to pronounced by an appropriate court of law.


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