Dipsites felicitation with Apeejay Karmayuga Bronze Chakra

The Dipsites Association congratulates Dipsites Ms. Aditi Misra, Mr. Dinesh Dayal, Mr. Vipul Sachdev, Mr. Rajat Tandon and Mr. Rajesh Chugh on their selection for the Apeejay Karmayuga Bronze Chakra awarded by iCONGO for Inspiring Solid Character among fellow citizens. It  is a matter of great privilege for our Association to  have them as an integral part of the Karmaveer Community and the  Right every Wrong Movement.

The categories are:

Alumnus Taking the Most Significant Social Initiative: Any 2 alumni that stepped up and did more than needed/expected and helped further the cause and prestige of the Alumni Association

* Mr. Dinesh Dayal

* Mr. Vipul Sachdev

2)      Young Samaritan Alumnus’ (Under 50 years of age): Any 2 alumni youth that assisted you and helped the association beyond what they had to do

* Rajat Tandon

* Rajesh Chugh

3)      Excellence in Student Development: Any 2 external people (not necessarily alumni) that helped you out in brining students into the association (thereby developing them further due to connectivity) or those Deans/Principals who made it easier for you to reach students in their DPS schools thereby showing a concern for their students’ development beyond just the 12th grade.

* Mrs Aditi Misra Principal DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon

The award will be given at REX conclive, a knowledge Forum being organized by iCONGO from 21-23 March 2015 at the Jesus Mary College, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Registration starts at 8.30 am on 21st March. The ceremony will be held from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm for all the three days.


Dinesh Dayal

Dinesh Dayal MBA ’84J, is Chief Operating Officer at L’Oreal in Mumbai. Dinesh has been working at L’Oreal for 21 years, since his graduation from INSEAD. He has been based in France, Thailand and now India.

Choosing to take an MBA at INSEAD in particular he preferred the European alternative to the stereotype of Indians going to the US as he was looking for a complete “life” experience and not merely a business education.

As Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. he has contributed richly to the DPS Alumni Association by encouraging the Western India chapter (Mumbai( of the DPS Alumni association to grow to 250 in a short period of time.

Heading the INSEAD National Alumni Association based in Mumbai, the regional representatives being developed in Delhi and Bangalore under his guidance.

He completed his college from St. Stephens, Delhi University in 1979.  His hobbies include snorkeling and Off road motor biking.

Vipul Sachdev

Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. 1977. Now, CEO and Managing Director, Zara International- a leading Ferrous and non ferrous metal manufacturer and supplier globally.

He has faithfully attended the Alumni events over last 30 years and spearheaded many eg. blood donation camps, tree planting, sports day and annual dinners.  He has been a key contributor in building an effective service to the ever increasing DPS alumni- helping them effectively network and improve careers.

He has made significant investment of his time in service to  the first ever Career Growth Workshop with alumni from around the globe sharing their experience with DPS students at High School level, ‘the element of personal discovery’, truths about capacity for achievement, balance, and fulfillment, in some defined professional areas.

He is also leading the initiative to include alumni from 140 plus DPS schools into the Alumni Association.

He is a global traveller, and enjoys playing the violin.

Rajat Tandon

Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. 1987. Hansraj College, Delhi University 1990. Is now Associate Director at Investors Clinic, Noida, a premier real estate consulting organization with more than 75k satisfied customers.

His contribution to the DPS Alumni Association has been outstanding, including his key contribution being cosponsoring DPS Alumni events and assisting in strengthening the association team.

Mr. Rajat Tandon has given personal time and attention in encouraging alumni from 140 DPS schools in India and overseas to join in, helping the association expand the profile. He has spearheaded reformatting the Annual DPS alumni dinner event wherein versatile, eloquent, charming, mesmerizing Dipsite musicians, singers, performers, dancers, comics, ventriloquists & Puppeteers – entertain us. This becomes an opportunity for young Dipsites to showcase their passion, aspirations, talent. Henceforth this will be a Melodious Musical Extravaganza celebrating the spirit of excellence and this will form the theme of the evening bringing together various age-groups.

He has been a National level skating champion and is extremely regular in his visits to the gym.

Rajesh Chugh

Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. and Bhagat Singh College Of Commerce, Delhi University. He completed LLB, then switched careers into Food production and service, now heading the famous family venture M/S NIZAM’S KATHI KABAB, a multi unit restaurants chain with a 7 city footprint in India.
The success of the first Career Growth Workshop at DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon in 2014 is a testament to his relentless dedication, commitment and outstanding service to the initiative. 25 Dipsites got together to provide an illuminating inside into the journey of their careers… including three beamed in via video conferencing from Tokyo, USA and Dubai.

In a world buzzing with endless advice on which career to choose, what to do after school….this Workshop created a quiet space where High School DPS students can hear senior Dipsites about their journey; and begin to think differently.

He has been a National level Swimmer, having participated and excelled in various competitive aquatics events

The DPS Alumni Association is proud of all Dipsites.



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