The date for the musical extravaganza at the Dipsites Annual Dinner 2014  is around the corner. And young Dipsites are preparing hard to put together extraordinary variations in tempo and rhythm.
Live band, song and dance, cocktails, and a lavish dinner spread await you
On: Sat 27th Dec 2014
At: Tivoli Garden (Chhattarpur Hills, Mehrauli, New Delhi) Banquet Hall

From: 7.00 pm onwards
ONLINE: JUST Rs 1000/- AI per head
(transfer to SBI Account no. 10617282775 titled The Dipsites Association before midnight 25th Dec. 2014 with email intimation to rajivsoni@dps-alumni.com)

AT GATE: Rs.1200/- AI per head
(Desk at Banquet Hall, Tivoli Garden, on 27th Dec 2014)

Dipsites of all DPS schools welcome. Children and guests welcome too.

Please put this note on all social networking sites that you are part of. And feel free to call Dr. Sunil Gupta: 98-100-93782, Abhinav Gupta: 98-182-96632, Madhur Batra 98-992-74129  or undersigned 98-993-28283 for any details.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Rajiv Soni


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