Celebrating 6+ decades of DPS bonding. the ‘entertaining vala’ way!

This year, let’s do The Annual Dinner of The Dipsites Association a little differently.
Let’s celebrate 6+ decades of DPS bonding… the ‘entertaining vala’ way!
On Saturday 13th December 2014 (Second Saturday of December)

A musical eve with versatile, eloquent, charming, mesmerizing Dipsite musicians, singers,
performers, dancers, comics, ventriloquists & Puppeteers – entertaining us.
Service before Self! Isn’t it đŸ™‚
Also an opportunity for young Dipsites to showcase their passion, aspirations, talent.

Plan for The Evening:
* 7-11 pm Entertainment (including time to introduce the participants to everyone)
* 10 pm Dinner service
* Cocktails/snacks service will continue till permissible time.
* Per head Rs.1500 AI

Ingredients required:
* Dipsites in hordes. in attendance
* Dipsite entertainers, 2013 batch upwards..from any DPS
* A bedazzling emcee/ anchor
* Sponsors- for F&B, space, gifts, equipment, photo/videography
* Marketing assistance
* Central venue
* A choreographer and a crack team to put it all together

Going forward:
I request Dipsites and my friends in the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions domain to please
advise and help.

1. How to reach out to Dipsites of different DPS schools who are aspiring musicians,
singers, dancers, stand up comics..
(Thought of making a 1 minute simple video calling for participation- and putting it up on
YouTube, FaceBook.other social media; writing to Principals of various DPS schools
seeking their assistance in sending us details of such alumni of their DPS school.)

2. Will then need another video that has Dipsites saying, ‘I’m going to be there. And you?’

Current status:
* Two young Dipsites (from DPS sector 45 Gurgaon) both of whom are musicians will come
over on Sunday to start the planning process.

Need help, folks! Let’s make it a night to remember!

CA Rajiv Soni
Cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


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