DIPSITE Career Growth Workshop 19th July 2014



On 19th of July 2014, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, hosted a career growth event “Dipsite Connect” an initiative of the DPS Alumni. This event brought under one roof a panel of twenty professionals from across the country along with five Dipsites from USA and Japan, through videoconferencing. They recounted their journey in their respective professions, the challenges faced and the sense of satisfaction experienced thereafter. They answered the questions put forth by the students of classes X, XI and XII to enable them to make informed career choices.

Principal Ms. Aditi Misra warmly welcomed the guests and thanked the speakers for being living-examples of the motto ‘Service before Self.’ She reiterated the importance of proper career guidance in today’s challenging scenario. Ms. Misra specially thanked Mr. Salman Khurshid for his gracious presence and encouragement at several milestones along the journey of DPS Gurgaon. Ms. Misra extended a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Rajiv Soni, President DPS Alumni Association, for spearheading this initiative and for making it a reality. She expressed her gratitude to Mr. Pramod Grover, Chairman, DPS Gurgaon for encouraging her to walk the untrodden path.

At the start of the event the school choir mesmerized the audience with a musical fusion rendition of the folk song ‘Kesariya’.

Mr. Rajiv Soni, introduced the speakers and thanked the principal for her vision and unstinting support in making this endeavor a possibility.

Mr. Salman Khurshid, patron of the DPS Alumni Association gave the key note address. He expressed his joy at such an event.He spoke of the strength of an idea and the need for creating a virtual Dipsite family, to ensure that everyone, far and near stay connected. He appreciated this philanthropic initiative of the Dipsites and Principal, Ms. Misra.Mr. Pramod Grover, Chairman Delhi Public School, Gurgaon declared the meet open applauding this pioneering initiative.

This event was an enriching experience for all who attended as it was an effort to connect the past, present and the future.


25 thoughts on “DIPSITE Career Growth Workshop 19th July 2014

  1. Hi Rajiv,

    Thanks for the invite and it was great to participate. Very well organised and great to connect with DPS fraternity and students. Good remembrance and recollection of good ol school days.

    Regards, Manav

  2. Dear Rajiv,
    Since my intention is to record a personal impression and not to make a general comment – and thereby provoke a discussion which in the context will be counterproductive – I am writing this only to you, and not replying to all, least of all the school authorities.
    First, the event was very well organised and for this credit to you and the school staff. The function was not needlessly long, the speeches were short and the choir was brilliant.
    Second, I feel an opportunity was missed by teachers in preparing those who had signed up for the session(s). A fairly large group fetched up, and while I performed to my brief in telling them the story of my professional life, I was met with blank faces when I asked why they had opted for print media as an option to explore instead of the others on offer.
    A career guidance workshop should aim to (a) inform those who are ignorant and (b) prepare those who know something about the path they have picked but need to be told of the highs and lows. With three exceptions, I did not get this impression from the group that attended my session; indeed the reactions of one or two of the students who preferred to rest their heads on the desk from the very beginning suggested they had been cajoled into joining the group with a view to make up equitable numbers, or had been up late watching the cricket.
    The next time such an exercise is conducted, it might be useful to give students a briefing note on the purpose of the workshop – which I presume is to help them choose their streams – and to ask that they be prepared with questions they would like answered about a particular career path. This will make the exercise more meaningful.
    Overall, though, many of the kids seemed bright and as I said at least three struck me as exceptional.
    With best wishes

  3. Dear Rajiv
    Great workshop and wonderful interacting with some bright and enthusiastic kids
    I suggest an internship program to help the children experience the real corporate world and help them choose a career
    Best wishes
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    • Dear Sanjiv,
      The internship program you recommend is very important- Yes, you are right! 🙂 We shall need your advice and guidance on how best to take this forward.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement… and for shifting around your departure to Singapore- to come earlier today.


      Rajiv Soni

  4. Thanks Rajiv ji,

    It was a great experience for me as well, I regularly interact with students of MBA colleges and I thought that my communication with the school kids has to be different, however these kids surprised me.

    The level of interaction was at par with MBA students, they had perspective on all recent developments in politics, economy, geo-political situation etc.

    I suggest we should organise these kind of sessions at other DPS schools as well, organizing it on a big scale may be challenging, however if sessions in the form of guest lectures are organised then logistically it might be easier.

    I congratulate you for organising a successful workshop and am looking forward to getting associated with you for many such events. May God bless you.

    Vinayak Vipul – Manager, Advisory Services
    Ernst & Young LLP
    Email – vinayak.vipul@in.ey.com

    • Dear Vinayak,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement; greatly appreciate. The event today was THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who took out time on a Saturday morning and traversed long distances, some from out station, to speak; and the superb encouragement given by DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon.
      Little wonder, then that the kids…well they are young adults, aren’t they! took you by surprise with their level of awareness 🙂

      It would be wonderful if we can create more such ‘learning from experience’ workshops and I look to support from you.


      Rajiv Soni

  5. Dear Rajiv and Other Alumni,

    Well done and kudos to you, your team and the Staff of DPS Gurgaon, for a very well executed programme which I throughly enjoyed and I hope the “young adults” did as well if there is any feedback.

    Great catching up with old pals!

    With Kind Regards,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Dr Pawanindra Lal

    • I take a bow on behalf of my team at the DPS Alumni Association who always support all the activities in full strength and measure. And I know that without the support of DPS sector 45, Gurgaon- none of this would have been possible

      Best wishes for a great Sunday ahead 🙂

      Rajiv Soni

  6. Please allow me to join you all in thanking Rajiv for a wonderful program and making us a part of it. Very proud to be part of the team with you and Simrat and to meet all of you who were there today. It was an even greater pleasure to interact with such intelligent and aware children!
    I only regret that there wasn’t enough time to meet and spend time with each of you lovely people who tok out time to be there. It made me also realise that there is great scope to organise more informal gatherings to network with other Dipsites of different batches and branches! Something to think about and look forward to!
    Thanks once again to all of you!
    Warm regards,

    • Rekha, thank you for all the support, meeting, endless tea and snacks we had your place while putting this event together.
      Your point has been actioned upon already 🙂 An event, an interesting event is already being planned…and you have to be, yet again, in the midst of helping us put it together! So…more tea and snacks!
      Yaaay 🙂


      Rajiv Soni

  7. Dear Rajiv ,Aditi and the School faculty,
    Thanks for the opportunity given to us to SHARE our experiences with a very enthusiastic lot of young adults. The biggest take for me was the learning I got from them on having the right attitude and aptitude. Am proud and have a great feeling of satisfaction o‎f being able to give back and be associated with this great endeavour.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Rajiv Duggal

  8. Dear Rajiv and Aditi,


    What a enormous initiative to pull this thru with such aplomb and success. I for one really enjoyed interacting with the kids and was often reminded of being on their side with nostalgia.

    What sharp shooters… great questions with deep interest to know the future of the profession was such a refreshing experience.

    Would love to give my time whenever possible if that provides some direction to them and helps the industry to attract and prepare such evolved children.

    Great going and keep up the good work


    Ranjit Vig

    • Dear Ranjit
      Today was a day- of moments of unutterable fulfilment that cannot be completely expressed in words. Their meanings can, however, be felt.
      Today, was a day- when some of the top entrepreneurs, professionals, service people, ALL Dipsites, featured to share, love and remember; and be remembered.

      All the speakers have been doing great work in their fields- because they love what they are doing- and that’s an important message passed down a generation.
      I know this will inspire the young adults at DPS sector 45 Gurgaon for a loooong time.

      Thank you so much for coming, and sharing.


      Rajiv Soni

  9. Thank you Rajiv 🙂 for coming and sharing your experiences.
    The sharing of experiences, as you aptly put it…was in fact the very essence of this Career Growth Workshop. I know one thing – your eyes will take you nowhere if your heart refuses to respond!
    I don’t think we were trying to ‘teach’ them anything….we were only helping these young adults get some tips, clues…in helping them discover 🙂

    Thank you for coming.


    Rajiv Soni

  10. Dear Rajiv,
    It was lovely to interact with the young minds today. I hope they enjoyed and benefited from it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.
    I would like to express my appreciation for the efforts taken by everyone to make this a success and most of all to you for your ” never say die” spirit.
    Look forward to many more such events.
    Best wishes

    • Dear Simrat,
      Thank you for your unqualified support at every point in putting this initiative together.
      Am indeed grateful to you.
      We are looking to more such sessions and it will be great to have your continued involvement and encouragement.
      Thank you once again.
      Rajiv Soni

  11. Dear Rajiv,


    It was a pleasure meeting you and all the great Dipsites at your well conducted Workshop yesterday. I commend your initiative and congratulate you for the successful conclusion of an extremely useful programme. It was good to see the great response that your initiative elicited and was delighted to meet and make new friends. Well done, Sir!

    My personal thanks go out to Principal Aditi Misra for taking on the responsibility of hosting the programme. I have attended many functions at DPS, Sector 45, Gurgaon and I am delighted to say that each one has been a great experience in organisation and care for detail. After all she is a Dipsite!

    It was good to meet Mr Salman Khurshid, our Patron, and Mr Promod Grover, our Chairman. With friends like them at the helm we are assured that DPS is in good hands.

    I look forward to all your future programmes and will endeavour to participate fully always.

    With warm regards,

    Atul Dev
    Dipsite (1943-48)
    (Batch of 1954 Senior Cambridge)

    • It sometimes happens that the questions are complicated, but the answers are simple. Career choice is said to be one such question! Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

      And so, respected Mr. Atul Dev, we got Dipsites who had created themselves (in several different professions and careers) over three decades…to speak to the young ones 🙂

      With the wisdom and foresight of the elders and the continuing experience of those who still continue to burn the midnight oil, I am confident that the DPS Alumni Association is blessed with the ability to guide those at the anvil of stepping into the real world of work.

      My best personal regards,

      Rajiv Soni

  12. Sir,

    It was a pleasure to participate in a well organized event by you and your team. The response of the students was overwhelming and it was heartening to see their enthusiasm and curiosity. Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance anytime.


    Col Rajeev Anand


    • Respected Capt Mohan,
      First of all my sincerest apologies for not having spoken out your name as a speaker.
      It is no one’s fault but mine- and I am sorry; and hope you will forgive me for the blunder.

      Thank you for the words of praise. Principal- DPS sector 45 Gurgaon and her team, Mr. Vicky Bhatia and his VC team, Dipsite speakers, my team of office bearers…and my office resource Javed Khan…together with the blessings of Mr. Salman Khurshid and Mr. Pramod Grover made this event happen in an organized fashion.

      I do look forward to your involvement; advice and guidance in the forthcoming sessions.


      Rajiv Soni

  14. The internship idea is great. I can tap into the Wharton and INSEAD network to figure out opportunities for these bright young minds.


    Utkarsh Amitabh
    MBA Candidate and Andy Burgess Scholar, INSEAD-Wharton Joint Program’13

    Young India Fellow and Torchbearer – University of Pennsylvania

    • Utkarsh, delighted to have you on my team. And what a generous offer- that you will expend some effort to figure out opportunities!

      Rajiv Soni

  15. Dear Rajiv,

    Thanx for providing an excellent & rare opportunity to interact with young Dip’sites. I must admit that the audience was extremely cooperative & had the knack of grasping & learning new avenues. My special word of praise for Ms. Aditi Misra who lended her untiring support for the success of the program. Thank you Rajiv once again. Looking forward to more such events in the future.


    Dr. Sunil Gupta

    Economic Research Unit-JPC
    Ministry of Steel​, Govt of India​

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