A Career Guidance Workshop by Dipsites

The Career Information Workshop has evolved to: A Career Guidance Workshop with the important objective of ‘introducing the students to various career options and clearing misconceptions and doubts that they may have about such options’. 

The workshop will be held on Saturday 19th July 2014 at DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon, a shining star in the galaxy of DPS schools under Principal Mrs Aditi Misra.( also a Dipsite)

We thank Principal Mrs Aditi Misra for lending her experience  and time in guiding us how to steer this venture.

Format of the Career Guidance Workshop: Separate 30 minutes sessions will be held for each field where there would be a short presentation (10-12 mins) by the professional, a Dipsite, followed by an interactive session(18-20 mins) with the students. Each Dipsite professional will be requested to take three such sessions depending on the number of students opting for it.

The school has allocated 20 smart classes with overhead projectors (and one with Video Conferencing facility for some Dipsites overseas) wherein these sessions of about 45 minutes duration will be held.

DPS Alumni who have reached the pinnacle of their careers and professions have volunteered to come and share nuances of their professions. This is a HUGE gesture and The Dipsites Association is grateful to:

1.Suman Khaitan           Legal profession
2.Simrat Gulati              Advertising and Mass Communication
3.Rajesh Chugh             Restaurants/ Hospitality
4.Anil Bahadur Mathur    Marketing
5.Anil Alagh                   Diamond merchandising (via Video Conferencing from Tokyo)
6.Sanjiv Rai              Hospitality (corporate; India and overseas)
7. Deepika Metange   Physiotherapy
8. Rohit Kaushik        Film making
9. Ravindra Kumar     Media & Newspaper
10. Rajiv Soni            Chartered Accountancy
11. Bhanu Dua               Pharmacy 

12. Rekha B. Aggarwal   Creative Arts

13. Shivani Khanna        Journalism            

14. Fuad Malik          Architecture (via Video Conferencing from Bangladesh)

and many more.

We are looking for Dipsites volunteers in: Airlines, Banking, Creative art,Performing Arts, Events & Public Relations, Fashion, Government Service, Hotel & Restaurant, Internet related, Law, Marine Engineering, Medicine, Retailing, Software development, Teaching & training, Telecom, Theatre, Business Management, Retail.

Audience: Class 11 and 12 students of DPS Sector 45, Gurgaon, totalling 600+

Besides the Resource Persons , Dipsites who wish to be part of this endeavour are requested to write to Ms Sapna Dhawan( by 1st July),who will send them an entry pass.

Venue: DPS Sector 45, Gurgaon, Saturday, 19th July 2014,  8 am12 noon 

Looking to your volunteering to participate in the event as well as your suggestions at the earliest. Let us join hands to make this path-breaking exercise a grand success


CA Rajiv Soni

President, The Dipsites Association

Cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


5 thoughts on “A Career Guidance Workshop by Dipsites

  1. Dear Rajiv Soni,

    Congratulations for your effort.I had earlier conveyed that if required I can contribute with Guidance on Marine Engineering.You can count on me for any other assistance also.

    Manoj Srivastava

  2. Hi Rajiv,

    I see that management consulting is not a skill included in the list. If you wish to add that then I can volunteer for it. I have been with EY for 8 years in Business Advisory Services.

    Vinayak Vipul – Manager, Advisory Services
    Ernst & Young LLP

  3. dear rajiv
    i will be happy to participate provided i am in bangladesh at that time
    if not if the time difference allows i will participate form elsewhere

  4. Dear Rajiv, I am egar to render my services in career guidance workshop. I am an oral pathologist ,Vice Principal, Kothiwal dental college, Moradabad . I can guide related to career in dentistry, oral biosciences, oral cancer research, oral microbiology in India and abroad. If you wish I can mail my c.v. . You can google my name.
    Prof. (Dr.) Narendra Nath Singh
    MDS, FICD, FPFA, Dip. Hospital Admin.,
    HOD, P.G. Guide
    Kothiwal Dental College

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