New Members in governing body, DPS Society

Further to our meeting on 4th April 2014 on ‘Dipsites representation on Governing Body of DPS Society’, attached herewith is the former President’s communication to current Chairman.

In view of this, we Dipsites should pursue our case of being represented more actively. 

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CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


Dear Shri Shunglu,

Although I have not received any information from the Society office on the induction of new Members, from Smt Shovana Natayan’s e mail I gather that such an initiative is under way. Whilst I refrain from taking up the matter on merits, I am clear that this is an unacceptable way of taking up such an important function of the Society. Our past, established practice is that Members are inducted by circulation once the Chairman has ensured consensus amongst present Members. It would be very counter productive to depart from that practice and that too without first discussing the issue in a Society meeting. For some inexplicable reason the Society meeting is not being called. Furthermore with the Society election under serious question, having been found defective by the Disputes Resolution Committee and now subject to litigation I the High Court, I cannot see how lawfully or even morally this is permissible. I am afraid any attempt to push this through will only embarrass eminent persons and make us a laughing stock. Already there is much speculation in the media.

Besides the unseemly haste to induct new Members we seem to have overlooked the wide spread desire that we consider the induction process in some detail. The Dipsites Association have a legitimate claim to be considered as stake holders and therefore better equipped and entitled to be inducted. I believe that these issues have not been brought to the notice of those eminent Members who may have initiated the proposals or approved by circulation. Please understand that any final view in this will not be acceptable. As former President of the Society I deserved the courtesy of prior information and consultation. Sadly these too have been sacrificed at the alter of ambitions that are not shared by all Members.

Best wishes,

Salman Khurshid



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