From little acorns grow…

The meeting for ‘DIPSITES Representation on DPS Society’ was held as scheduled.
The senior most Dipsite 1964 batch sat on the same table as a Dipsite of 2002 batch…
and Dipsites both from Mathura Road and RK Puram sat and discussed the matter. 
And so… yes, the process of ‘build up’ has started and yes, it will take some time; 
but hopefully, not a generation.

In the meanwhile, do feel free to let us have your views and pointers for meaningful
discussions in the future. 

CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


19 thoughts on “From little acorns grow…

  1. Hi Rajiv,

    I was out of country for the last 10 days with limited access to emails. I have read the entire mails related to DPS Society & is very glad to see your enthu & whole hearted efforts to move it in the rt direction. I wish, I cd have been a part of the meeting. Anyway, I am always available for any support at my end.

    Also let me know abt the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan hall booking.


    Sunil Gupta​

    • Thank you Sunil sahib; we are encouraged by your response…and support.
      The Career Information Workshop is being discussed….and will take shape very soon; which is when we will take a call where to hold it.

      Best regards,

      Rajiv Soni

    • Thank you Arunji; we are encouraged by your response. Trust you have received Mrs Aditi Misra’s email id.
      Best regards,
      Rajiv Soni

  2. Dear Dipsites,its been so long we all bonded.
    Seasons have come and gone and will come and go and we shall all grey.
    I happened to attend my old school meet “Colvin’,Lucknow and it was attended by 1959 pass outs upto 2005 pass outs.It was so much fun.
    I have heard of Doon school meets, Stephens meets , Mayo college meets etc.
    This bonding helps in many ways ,direct and indirect..(Aaj ke zamane mein zaroori hai bhai).
    So this mail is to have a DPS bonding meet soon and we all will have to show some excitement around it.We will eat , drink and sing and make merry.
    Lets please have some suggestions and “ayes”on this one
    Looking forward to hearing from you all.
    Best wishes

    take care and hv a gr8 day
    deepak mehtaa

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