Dipsites representation in DPS society- 4

The response to the meeting for ‘Dipsites representation in DPS society’ has been
positive, illustrative being:
* Faiz Hakim, 1981, Ca, USA: Hi Rajiv, What you guys are doing is indeed
a good thing. Unfortunately I am far from India otherwise would have attended.
Best Wishes
* Poonam Arora, Headgirl 1975, Associate Dean of College for Diversity and Inclusion 
at Grinnel College, Iowa, USA. : Hi Rajiv, Unfortunately I won’t be able to

attend this event. However, it has my full support. As an educator with experience in
India, the US and the Middle East, I can say with confidence that educational governance
and oversight (which is what the DPS society should be providing) MUST come
from alumnae, not vested business or political interests. Time to take charge of
our alma mater and its future direction. We are its best representatives and its best
custodians. We also need to model this exercise in self governance for the
current students of DPS schools everywhere. Feel free to quote from my
email and to use my credentials to bolster your argument.
best, Poonam
* Deepak Mehta, 1979, DPS RK Puram (upon sending the communication to
his DIPSITE friends and associates): Kindly consider this v important mail,for the sake
of the future of our school. warm regards

The meeting has been fixed courtesy Dipsite Manoj Srivastava, 1976 batch, 9810038854
-4 April, Fri, 5pm
-Rotary Habitat Centre, 53, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi. (opp. Saket police station)
-Charges of Conference Room + tea is Rs.3000 approximately; this will be divided
by all Dipsites present, and should not be more than Rs. 200/- per head.

DIPSITES of all DPS schools are urged to join in. For discussion on blog please
click here.

Request your confirmation, and your putting this on all Social sites you are part
of- if you believe what we are doing is right.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


5 thoughts on “Dipsites representation in DPS society- 4

  1. Great initiative Rajiv 👍👍👍

    Would U pls connect me with Manoj Srivastava ? We used to sit together in 7th/ 8th grade 😃

  2. Good to hear from you, Rajiv. This is my teaching semester so will be unable to attend the meeting. I have not followed the politics of the DPS board for many years but was given the impression that it was corrupt and controlling. If your actions bring more sunshine to its operations, thereby improving the future of DPS as an institution, I certainly support that. My greetings to all Dipsites and best wishes!


    Arvind Mahajan
    Texas A&M System Regents Professor
    Lamar Savings Professor of Finance
    Director, Aggies on Wall Street iBank Program

    • Hey Arvindji, thanks for your email.
      We are encouraged to receive such a response.
      The main points discussed in this meeting were:
      – How are members selected for representation on the Board of the Governing Body of the DPS Society.
      – How we Dipsites can add value to the Governing Body…better than non-Dipsites.
      – How to get the MORE Dipsites together under the umbrella of The Dipsites Association- across years, and otherDPS schools.

      Thank you once again, and we look forward to valuable inputs from you.

      By theway, we are fast moving ahead with the Career Information Worshop. And may get a video conferencing facility….If that happens, would you like to talk (via the VC facility) to Class 11 and 12 students on ‘Being a Professor in the US’?

      Rajiv Soni

  3. Dear Rajiv

    What you’re initiating is great.
    Unfortunately I cannot attend due to a prior personal commitment.


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