Career Information Workshop- in New Delhi

Your Dipsites Association has again taken up the challenge of holding a 6 -8 hour Career Information Workshop, this time in New Delhi; to guide children/ grandchildren/ nephews and nieces of Dipsites studying in High School; to help them know of career opportunities; as well as make informed choices on new subjects like Law, Theatre and Gender studies for class 11 and 12 as announced by CBSE.

The Alumni Association has several Dipsites with decades of experience on the nuances, efforts and rewards of the careers/ professions/ vocations they are in. Dipsite Vedika (1985 batch) has volunteered to put together this event.

We now need:
1. Dipsites, to volunteer and spare a little time on the appointed day and come and speak to the students, in at least the following fields: Advertising & Marketing, Airlines, Banking, Creative art, Chartered Accountancy, Events & Public Relations, Fashion, Film making, Government Service, Hotel & Restaurant, Internet related, Law, Marine Engineering, Media, Medicine, Retailing, Software development, Teaching & training, Telecom, Theatre.
I volunteer to speak on Chartered Accountancy as a profession.

2. Sponors for Venue (for say 50 people-25 parents, 25 High School children ) Tea/coffee/cookies, Stationary.

3. Suggestions for a date and time.

See the discussion on the Dipsites blog, and let us know if you would like to speak for 15 minutes followed by a quick Q&A with the student/ parents. We look forward to support and ideas to make this event meaningful and regular.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
Cell: 98-993-28283, Gurgaon


27 thoughts on “Career Information Workshop- in New Delhi

    • Rajesh! How wonderful πŸ™‚
      Simply delighted, and enthused by your response. Being an ex-ITC Welcomgroup employee myself, I know there are many youngsters out there, who have little clue on how satisfying a career in Restaurants/ Hospitality can be.
      Your experience will be a great boon.
      We are aggregating speakers, and simultaneously the venue. Some educationists are advising us on dates- and we shall do our best to accomodate everyone πŸ™‚

    • Anil, thank you VERY much πŸ™‚
      Marketing is a great career, and the youngsters will be lucky to have you speak. Ms. Simrat Gulati will be speaking on ‘Advertising’, her forte…so both Advertising and Marketing are now covered.
      We are aggregating more speakers, and simultaneously the venue. Some educationists are advising us on dates- and we shall let you know soon πŸ™‚

  1. Dear Rajiv,

    I would be interested. Please let me know a couple of convenient dates and time and the venue for the workshop.

    With regards,

    (Suman Jyoti Khaitan)

  2. It would be my pleasure to speak on “Physiotherapy”
    Also if we could do similar thing in navi mumbai branch as per the previous plan it would be great and might be able to offer more help.
    Dr. Deepika Metange

    • Deepika, Done! VERY happy to hear from you and of your volunteering to speak on ‘Physiotherapy’.
      First lets get the Delhi event moving. Then we move (back) to Mumbai.
      Rajiv Soni

  3. Pl look at other fields like Dairy, Agriculture, Linkage between Dairy, Agriculture & Urban Health, Natural farming, Rural development, Rural employment, Integration & Adaptation of Appropriate Technologies in rural.

    You can bring people to my farm in Noida to hold such programmes. You may visit yourself alongwith your team members to see & hold suitable programmes. Farm holds a few desi cows with their little ones, Bio Gas plant, Vermi composting, Bio urine pesticides making, Urine distillation plant, solar water pumping , solar plant for light load etc., Natural farming model using no chemicals at all. Besides, the providing info on desi cow’s milk ( A2 Milk) related to direct health benefits to urbanites, kids especially, blah blah blah


    Sanjay Bhalla

    Silver Spark (P) Ltd.

    • Sanjay, we are delighted to hear from you- and you have a wonderful idea (that you yourself have taken much beyond; actually to fruition).
      We request you to take a slot of 15 mins (I know it is less) and speak; together with Q&A will add up to 20-25 mins. That’s decent.
      Lets start… am VERY happy personally too, to hear of your volunteering.
      Rajiv Soni

  4. Hi
    Good to know that this idea is turning into a movement.
    As regards media and mass comm related fields i am there if no one else volunteers.
    One name i would like to suggest – Pavan Duggal for cyber laws. He is practicing in the Supreme Court and is very articulate. I am not in touch with him so we need to establish contact with him. He was the head boy in 1982.

    Best wishes

  5. Hi Rajiv
    Would be a pleasure to be a part of the workshop and share my experience and wee bit of knowledge I seem to have gathered on film making .
    I hope you are able to schedule it around 20th April 2014
    Rohit Kaushik

    • Dear Rohit, we are DELIGHTED to hear from you.
      You being a filmmaker, Im sure many students would love to hear of this profession from you.
      Will keep you posted,
      Rajiv Soni

    • Madhavi, The Dipsites Association acknowledges your volunteering and thanks you. As you know, and you were a part of the putting together a similar event in Mumbai, this event will be here in Delhi. Next one- in your city.
      Stay in touch with Sumit Kumar, Head, Western Chapter The Dipsites Association, for this.

  6. I am happy to spare some time to talk to students about a career in media. However it would have to coincide with my next trip to Delhi. Nothing planned at the moment. But will let you know as soon as something is lined up.
    Re: venue, why doesn’t the school provide space? Surely this is an activity the school ought to support, even underwrite as it is aimed at helping students. Besides, it seems to me that this would be most convenient for students.

    • Ravi, the Alumni association thanks you for your support, and volunteering to share your experience, knowledge and wisdom in the field of media.
      I can vouch for the immense gains and insights they are going to get from you. Over 36 years I remember you to be clear, unruffled, yet….getting straight- the bulls eye.
      Am talking to some educationists including Mr. S.L. Jain (our teacher Im sure you will recall) Principal, Mahavir School, Delhi….to give us a suggestion on good dates notwithstanding exams, holidays, new sessions, elections….
      Also we are looking for a sponsor for venue, and some tea/coffee/snacks/ and for stationery- perhaps an education books publishing company…perhaps Pearson! πŸ™‚

  7. Dear Rajiv,

    I wont be able to volunteer unless you give me a clear date and time, coz I need to take permission of my bosses, and usually my work day is extremely busy, so I cant be sure that I will get permission.

    Nirupama Kotru,

    • Dear Nirupama, First of all, we are DELIGHTED to hear that you are volunteering! πŸ™‚
      That in itself is huge, for us. What will be the nomenclature of the profession?
      Will it be ‘Film making’? or something else?

      We are working on dates/ time and will let you know soonest! ASAP πŸ™‚


      Rajiv Soni

      • Dear Rajivji, it would be “Govt service” and not film making.However, I cannot offer to volunteer unless I have some clear dates.So pl don’t count on me as yet! Regards,Nirupama Kotru

  8. Thanks for your mail regarding Career Information Workshop.
    My brief— passed from DPS in 1968, did B.Pharm (Hons) from BITS- Pilani in 1972. Running own pharmaceutical unit since 1974 with brand name of ‘ GLYCO ‘.
    I am willing to give talk on CAREERS IN PHARMACY .


  9. Dear Mr Soni
    Hope you are doing good
    I would be interested in presenting a career guidance program on architecture and design. I am a practising architect and designer based out of mumbai. Please do let me know if such an opportunity arises in the line up of speakers at the event

  10. Dear Rajiv Soni/Vedika,

    Congratulations for your endeavour to provide guidance and real feedback to youngsters about various careers.As a Dipsite (75 batch) and father of 2 Dipsites I would like to contribute. If you wish I can provide information for

    (1) Marine Engineering/Navigation (Merchant Navy)
    (2) Manufacturing business:Plastic Injection Moulding.

    Looking forward to provide all possible support.


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