Career Workshop at DPS navi Mumbai, Finalized 25th June

The Dipsites Association thanks respected Mr. Chabbra, Principal, DPS navi
Mumbai, for the kind courtesies extended to Dipsite Arvind Tandon,
Madhvi Bhatt and the undersigned.

We three had gone to the school on Friday 7th June to finalize aspects for the
Career Workshop on 25th June.
It will be a half day event (8.45am–10.45 am, and 11.15am–1.45 pm) and the
school is happy to host lunch for us all at 2.00 pm.

The final list of speakers and the Careers/professions they will speak on remains
as follows.

1. Govt. Service/Police… By Ahmed Javed, Addl DGP (L&O) Mumbai
2. Arts… By Anita Goel
3. Banking-Retail banking… By Atul Kumar/Rahul Rathi
4. Creative Writing… By Anurag Anand
5. Chartered Accountancy… By Rajiv Soni
6. Design And Arts… By Nisha Jamvwal
7. Entrepreneurship… By Aditya Mishra
8. FMCG … By Saurabh Singh
9. Film Making… By Rohit Kaushik/Sumit Kumar/Madhvi Bhatt/Manas Malhotra
10. Film Writing & Directing … By Amit Kumar
11. Gems/Jewellery… By Renu kapoor
12. H.R. Consulting… By Kingshuk Ganguly
13. Hotels/BPO/Retails… By Padmini Misra
15. Importance of Sports in corporate life. By Sanjeev Anand
16. Internet Related Career … By Prasoon Kumar
17. Investment banking-Private Equity… By Manish Chaturvedi/Ausang Shukla/Krishna Agarwala
18. Leisure Holidays …..By Arvind Tandon
19. Marketing/Brand Mgt/Media… By Chandan Pansari
20. Marine Engineering… By Oniel Dhir
21. Medicine & Pharma Industry… By Priyanka Bhatia

22. Merchant Navy … By Rajiv uppal
23. Oil And Gas… By Yogesh Bhatnagar
24. Physiotherapy… By Deepika Metange
25. Social Media… By Shael Sharma
26. Telecom & Internet related… By Rishi Kappal

A timed ‘start-to-finish’ plan for the day is being intimated to all above….with a
request for confirmation to Sumit Kumar (Head- Western Chapter, Dipsites
Association) and copy to us.

All Dipsites are welcome to attend the Workshop and make it successful and


CA Rajiv Soni
President Dipsite Association
Cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon
cc: Mr. Chabbra, Principal DPS navi Mumbai


18 thoughts on “Career Workshop at DPS navi Mumbai, Finalized 25th June

  1. Dear rajiv,

    A fabulous initiative which I am sure will be a very good one. Much as I would like to attend, regret my inability to be there since I have some prior cimmitment.


    • Puneet, we will miss you….but hey who knows! you might just surprise us all by landing up.
      My team always supports initiatives that bonds Dipsites together; and this event being unique and the first of its kind by any Alumni in the country- has certainly the wholehearted support of the Team, Speakers, Principal DPS navi mumbai and Patrons of the Alumni Association.

  2. please note that I will need 10 to 15 minutes for each of the industries . Cannot cover two industries in fifteen minutes.In case there is a constraint of time I will then only present the Gems and Jewellery industry .


    • Renuji, as we stand now, we are constrained by the 1.50 pm deadline when the School closes for the day. May I please, therefore, request that you present just the Gems and Jewellery industry.

  3. Hi Rajiv,

    I confirm my attendance, but would not be able to stay till Lunch. It appears that Rahul and I are sharing a 10 min slot together, so it would be great if we can talk to each other and have just one PPT for the event. Would you be in a position to share the details with me.


    Atul KUMAR

    • Hey Atul, Thank youso much for your confirmation.
      Perhaps Rahul and you might have volunteered at about the same time- on the same topic. And we are blessed to have you both stalwarts. Perhaps you both can concur and decide the metrics.
      Am sharing Rahul Rathi’s contact points, separately with you, on email.

  4. Sir,

    Wish everyone a good luck. As it will guide the new generation with a proper view of the available fields or options they have as future. Also to parents who will let their children focus and excel on the direction of their choice.

    I think its a good initiative and hope we can arrange a similar in our Delhi-region schools.


    • Thanks Atanu,
      This is taking shape because of you all (the team & other Dipsites-both speakers and others) supporting the event, blessings of the Principal DPS navi mumbai, and Patrons of the Dipsites Association 🙂

  5. Dear Rajiv,
    Would certainly welcome a slot to talk about a career in the Merchant Navy ( esp Nautical side ), just as I have been doing in various other forums. Do let me know the details.

  6. Dear Mr. Soni

    thank you for your email
    unfortunately i will be in Delhi/Punjab on that date and wont be able to make it to the event

    all the very best for the wonderful event you are so kindly and passionately putting together

    thanks and regards

  7. Hi,
    I confirm my presence for the career workshop.
    It’ll be a pleasure and gr8 honour for me.

  8. Dear Rajiv, Hello! I confirm my attendance for Career Workshop at DPS, Navi Mumbai. Looking forward to seeing you all. Best regards. Oniel

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