Career Information & guidance workshop at DPS, Navi Mumbai

Your Dipsites Association, in an effort to guide the students studying in High School, is launching a Career Guidance cell to help them know of career opportunities and make informed choices. And as a first step, will hold a half-day workshop at DPS navi Mumbai in the last week of May 2013.

Respected Principal Mr. Chabbra is keen that Dipsites share their invaluable experience on the nuances, efforts and  rewards of the careers/ professions/ vocations they are in. To achieve this we invite Dipsites, in at least the following fields, to spare a little time on the appointed day and come and speak to the students.  

Advertising Marketing, Airlines, Banking, Creative art, Events Public Relations, Fashion, Film making, Government Service, Hotel Restaurant, Internet related,Legal services, Marine Engineering, Media, Medicine, Retailing, Software development, Teaching & training, Telecom.

I volunteer to go and speak on Chartered Accountancy as a profession.

If you would like to speak for 15 minutes followed by a quick Q&A with the student/ parents do let us know ASAP. A format is emerging and we would share the same with you soon.

We look forward to support and ideas to make this event meaningful and regular.


CA Rajiv Soni

President, The Dipsites Association

Cell: 98-993-28283, Gurgaon


41 thoughts on “Career Information & guidance workshop at DPS, Navi Mumbai

  1. Hello,
    It would be my pleasure to be a part of such an event.
    i wish to volunteer for the same and speak about physiotherapy as a profession.
    kindly let me know if i can be of any help.


  2. Will be very happy to participate and speak on banking. My son goes to the same school and it is quite close to my place as well.


    Atul KUMAR

  3. Dear Mr. Soni,

    It will be a pleasure to participate in the endeavor.

    While i could speak on Banking, i am sure there will be other more qualified speakers on the subject in the group. So, instead i could interact with students on ‘Creative writing – Career or Vocation’ if that gels with the overall plan of the workshop.

    Do let me know the way forward on the same.


  4. Dear Mr. Soni
    thanks so much for your email
    its a little too soon to commit a time in may as i have a film i am currently working on which will start pre production on 1st may and i would have to travel to punjab for a recce sometime in may.
    would it be possible to let you know sometime closer to the date of the workshop?

  5. Dear Rajiv,

    Thank you for your email. It would be a pleasure to participate. I can share my experiences about FMCG industry.

    Are we expected to prepare some kind of a presentation or it would be more of a round table sort of a thing?

    Also, I might be traveling around that time so as of now please count me in. Sometime in the first week of may I will confirm if any changes.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Saurabh SINGH

    Financial Controller

    ACD India

  6. I am game and can take session in DPS Mumbai and PUNE. Will that work or it has to be in DPS Delhi branches?

    Rishi Kapal

  7. Dear Rajiv

    While I am also a Chartered Accountant I now believe have an expertise of 15 years in Vocational Education .

    The two industries that I can arrange for presentation is in the Gems and Jewellery industry and the Hair Dressing world. if my travel schedule permits I shall definitely be present .

    These are my two current live projects where I am consulting .

    However it is important that we get a fix on the date as soon as possible

    Renu Kapoor

  8. No worries:-) this is a great initiative. Let’s kick it off. Can my session be planned in April by any chance?

    Rishi Kapal

  9. Saurabh, thanks a lot. A presentation wd be very helpful…say 10-15 slides…
    We will do this in the auditorium at DPS navi Mumbai…
    I will keep you informed as this takes shape.

    Your response is extremely strenthening for me, as it reaffirms my belief that we (older) Dipsites shd do something meaningful too- for the younger lot.

    Rajiv Soni

  10. Ok. I am overseas from 6th to 26th May and shifting to Pune from 1st June. So let’s crack this between the available window. From 1st June I am taking full time academic assignments with MBA colleges in Pune and moving out of corporate job.

    Rishi Kapal

  11. Dear Rajiv

    I would like to speak on a career in Nautical and Marine Engineering ( Merchant Navy).


    Oniel Dhir

  12. Hi Rajiv, Thanks for the initiative. I can speak on a career in HR / HR Consulting.

    I can also help them through a career assessment instrument / profile, so that they can refer to it after the class.

    Kingshuk Ganguly
    +91 9987589084

  13. Hi Rajiv,

    I will be more than happy to be a part of the workshop and share whatever I have with me in this 4yrs of

    my experience in Retail Banking.


  14. Hi Mr Soni, I am based in Delhi and presently posted as Director in Information and Broadcasting Ministry.Please let me know whenever you plan a program in a Delhi branch of DPS,esplly Mathura Road .Will definitely try to take out time to speak to young students.Regards,Nirupama Kotru(1986 batch,DPS MR,Head Girl)

    • Sir, I assure you that we will video-conference you in; sooner than later. This is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED.
      I am also, hereby, appealing to all the DPS alumni to let us know if someone can organize/ sponsor video conferencing facility (even) for this time at DPS navi Mumbai 🙂

  15. Hi rajiv
    Would be happy to talk on retailing as I own a Cartridge World Franchise. Can also ask the CEO of cartridge world to give a talk if u so desire


  16. Rajiv,

    I will love to talk to them. Is there a way I can get on skype/ google hangout ?

    Deepak Nijhawan

    I will love to talk to them. Is there a way I can get on skype/ google hangout ?

    Deepak Nijhawan

  17. Hi Rajiv,

    Would be glad to be any help.

    Padmini Misra
    Global Head -HR , Cox and Kings Group of Companies.

    PS I can also handle questions for Hotels, BPO and Retail–ex industries.

  18. I started out working in the IT industry. Worked with BPL Computers, DCM data Products and then NCR in the middle east. I ventured out on my own in the IT industry in 1992 and since have been on my own. Did several projects in the Middle East, Mauritius and East Africa. Own a Franchise of Worldsites a Canadian Network and Cartridge World, an Australian Network.

    If you give me firm dates can request the CEO of Cartridge World to book those dates subject to his availability.


  19. Dear Rajiv,

    Since I am a producer & director, I would be happy to share my experience in the field of film-making, If I am free on the chosen day, since I may be busy with a telefilm, that I am currently working on ..



  20. an artist and can share my views on various career opportunities in art. Please mail me more details.regards.aneeta goel

  21. dear rajiv,

    i work in securities and exchange board of india, mumbai. i would be happy to share my thoughts on opportunities in securities markets area.

    pl acknowledge.


    piyoosh gupta
    DPS-MR 1975

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