DPS Alumni Get together in Mumbai, 1st March

A fabulous evening- DPS Alumni get together, Mumbai.
Chief Guest: Honorable Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid
Guests of Honor: Mr Ramesh Sippy and Mrs Kiran Juneja Sippy
Sponsored by: Ishan Raina, CEO MD of OOH
Weaved together by: Sumit Kumar (Head, Western Chapter)
Compered by: Ms. Nisha Jamval

Guests-of-honor Padma Shri Ramesh Sippy (heretofore Honorary Dipsite) and Dipsite Kiran Juneja Sippy were joined by other accomplished Dipsites in several fields- banking, government service, business, entertainment, travel and hospitality and information technology. Live music from popular films and shows together with sumptuous snacks and a lavish dinner made for a truly fantastic party! Photos tell for themselves



2 thoughts on “DPS Alumni Get together in Mumbai, 1st March

  1. Dear Rajiv Soni & team, it was very nice to see the DPS alumni get together at Mumbai being done so meticulously and moreover, being suitable honoured by the august company of Mr. & Mrs. Ramesh Sippy. Though i am a Dipsite from Mathura Road, New Delhi but i thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of the evening so painstatkingly put together by your team. As always – Rajiv, well done, again!

    • Dear Manish,
      Simply delighted to read your experience.
      It all started with Dipsite Ishan Raina’s extremely generous offer to host the evening, then Dipsite Sumit Kumar’s relentless efforts in contacting several Dipsites…and then the effort of you all coming for the evening! And Dipsite Nishas Jamvwal’s threading the evening together.
      Do give us some ideas for making The Dipsites Association more meaningful and vibrant.

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