Dipsites Association Annual Dinner 2016 at Q La

Your Dipsites Association is having its Annual Dinner 2016 at Q-La (4-A, Next to Qutab Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi – 110030)
Venue: On Sat 17th Dec. 2016
Time: 7.30 pm onwards

Come to Q-La and let yourself go!
Take back an experience which is unforgettable…

* RBL Bank launches the Dipsites Alumni Affinity Card
* Sumptuous snacks and dinner
* SULA Wines has graciously agreed to sponsor wines.
* Music provided by young DPS alumni….who are talented musicians.

ALL Dipsites, of all branches, years, and all Teachers/ Staff are welcome. Please pass the
word around…..

Contribution:               Rs.1600 per head/ Rs. 3000 a couple AI (Cash, Cheque, Online)
At Door on 17th Dec:    Rs.1800 per head/ Rs. 3500 a couple AI (only Cash)

Pay by:
– Cash/Cheque favoring Dipsites Association send to: G-14/3 DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon 122002
(Landline: 0124-4380568)
– Online transfer to SBI Account no. 10617282775 titled Dipsites Association.
IFSC code is SBIN0001188. Branch Name: DPS mathura Rd.
(Please send email intimation to rajivsoni@dps-alumni.com)

Click here to register.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Health Orientation event for Dipsites and families

These days, everyday, everyone receives one or two SMss on various tests that can be conducted- and the charges are dropping by the SMS; someone may actually end up offering to pay and do the tests too! On the other hand, the most worrisome health issues today are: Diabetes and Hypertension… and an important silent disease Osteoporosis.
Awareness, early detection and adoption of bone strengthening strategies will go a long way in reducing the risk factor here.

Having attended a Health Camp recently by a well known medical company recently in my condominium, I contacted Artemis Hospitals and they, in their constant endeavor to spread health awareness, are happy to conduct a Health Orientation for DPS alumni/families. On Sunday 27th Nov.2016 at a central location in New Delhi 10am-1pm

Artemis will take care of: 

1. Complimentary service:* General check up (Weight, Height, BMI, B.P & Random blood sugar) * ECG * Eye check up * BMD (bone density check up) * Doctor Consultation: Cardiology, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology, General Physician, Paediatric, Dietician, Physiotherapy
2. Discount coupons

We need sponsors for:
1. Venue (South/ Central Delhi) One big hall for general check up, Eye check up, BMD test and doctor’s consultation, Two private rooms with bed/stretcher for Gynac consultation and ECG test. and 10 tables and 20 chairs.
2. Participation of: Health Food organizations, Gyms, Brunch makers with calories displayed etc.
3. Guest of honors (including a celebrity that promotes health and fitness)
4. Street play (optional, to make event interesting)
5. Snacks for doctor and staff

There will be lots for the whole family to do and see at this ‘first of its kind’ alumni event.
But it is with enthusiasm, commitment, planning, collaboration and dedication that this event will be a success and in an endeavor to do something interesting, meaningful and useful for the DPS community, my team and I request you to:
(a) Give us any suggestions that will increase event value
(b) Let us know whether we should go ahead or not. Please click here.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Back 2 School, in 1976

Our class of 1976, that completes 40 years of having left school, is delighted to learn about
Principal Mr Manohar Lal’s magnanimous gesture in inviting us Dipsites on one day
in September 2016 to take a trip down memory lane and relive moments of a time when there was no
Internet, no mobile phone, hand written letters and birthday cards were commonplace… and a 70% in CBSE
Boards assured one a seat in a good college in Delhi University.

We will invite our teachers and pay our regards.
Suggestions are very welcome….

Earlier in the day yesterday, I had gone to DPS Mathura Road to seek approval and am very happy to share with
you all that the courtesies extended by the Principal, Vice Principals and senior Teaching staff were extremely
warm, pleasant, genuine and sincere.

Am so proud to be a Dipsite!


CA Rajiv Soni
Cell: 98-993-28283


Wildlife travel excursions being planned for DPS Alumni

I am sharing a wildlife/ adventure trip plan/ proposal for Dipsites Association from Tigerwalah.
We have a great opportunity here to have a memorable trip.

Please revert asap indicating your interest, suggestions…so that we can go ahead and work out the


CA Rajiv Soni
President, Dipsites Association
Founding Trustee, DPS World Foundation

From: anurag@tigerwalah.com
To: rajivsoni@dps-alumni.com
CC: rajsoni5@hotmail.com; bhaskar@tigerwalah.com
Subject: Hi
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2016 11:56:58 +0530

Hi Rajiv,
Writing this mail in reference to our conversation regarding outdoor options for DPS
alumni network around Delhi NCR.
We are Tigerwalah a wildlife travel & destination management company offering
customized wildlife travel solutions to wildlife destinations across India. We organize
wildlife and adventure tours for Individuals , corporates and school groups .

Following options are available for outdoor options :


  • Wildlife tours & tiger Safaris- Can be organized at Ranthambore & Corbett which
    are both 6 hours drive from Delhi and are well connected by road /rail
    network. Ideal trip should be minimum for 2 night So that group can do 2/3
    jungle safaris to increase wildlife viewing experience. Since safaris are always
    in short supply it would be good if we freeze plans atleast 60 days in advance
    to avoid last minute inconvenience. Ideal size for group would be 30-40 pax
    for ease of logistics.
  • River Rafting excursions – Can also organize river rafting & trekking excursions at
    Rishikesh for the group. We work with some of the best campsites around
    Rishikesh including luxury ones . Ideal duration would be 2/3 nights and
    ideal group size would be 40-50 pax.
    As per my experience, ideally you should plan a date for early June else post October as
    most of the activities are shut on account of annual rains between July- September plus
    you would need a lead time of 30 odd days to drive this . Regards
    Connect on FB: <ahref=”http: tigerwalah?=”” http://www.facebook.com=””>www.facebook.com/tigerwalah
    Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tigerwalah
    Hand Phone: +919871431155 Skype: tiger.walah


DIPSITES Annual Alumni Dinner on Sat, Dec 12th 2015.

The Dipsites Association is delighted to invite you to the DIPSITES Annual
Alumni Dinner on Saturday, December 12th 2015.

Continuing the tradition, the evening will bring together Dipsites promoting bonhomie
and camaraderie.

Venue: ETHIOPIAN CULTURAL CENTER: 7/50 G, Niti Marg Chanakya Puri
New Delhi-110021

Time: 7.00 pm onwards
Contribution: Rs. 1000/- only AI per head towards a sumptuous dinner spread and soft beverages

(Drink coupons will be available separately)

Online payment Rs. 1000/- and registration (transfer to SBI Account no. 10617282775
titled The Dipsites Association with email intimation to rajivsoni@dps-alumni.com)
After payment, please click here to confirm.

At gate (Desk at Entrance, Ethiopian Center, on 12th Dec 2015) Rs.1200/- AI per head

Dipsites of all DPS schools are welcome, and you are requested to put this note on
all social networking sites that you are part of so that we have a large attendance.

Looking forward to meeting you all,


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

DPS World Foundation Launch on 16th Aug. 2015

Here is the text of the speech of the President Dipsites Association at the launch of DPS World
Foundation on Sunday evening 16th August 2015 at Leela hotel, Chanakya puri New Delhi.
Some Initial pics are here. More are being added, please check back soon.

“Good evening Dipsites, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Over almost three quarters of a century ago, the idea planted by some visionaries for nursing enlightened,
educationally refined leaders for then newly independent India, has flourished and grown in a profound manner.

But as often happens in the affairs of humankind, in the pursuit of growth, the essence and soul of the idea is
lost: Form flourishes but substance retreats. Furthermore, despite its expanse, DPS found itself unable to offer
space to its own children who were inevitably attracted to other platforms.

Three former students and one former Principal of DPS have over the years remained in an ineffective minority
on the DPS Society.

The alumni of DPS Mathura Road were lucky to have a registered Association but the other schools did not think
it important that the alumni have their permanent organisation. After several decades the DPS Mathura
Road Dipsites Association opened it’s portals to alumni from other DPS schools as well.

Looking at the remarkable collection of talent some Dipsites felt that the Association has a limited charter that
can be served well by more voluntary effort but a larger platform is needed to engage the Dipsites potential
in the core competence of furthering education at all levels.
What we imbibed from DPS we must share with
those not equally lucky. Many new people are venturing into the field of education and
it would be ironic if those most closely connected with it were to remain aloof.

Thus was born the idea of exploring the special world of Dipsites and marshal it’s untapped
energy for Gen-X education for the 21st Century. The Foundation purports to showcase and
advance the special cultural feel of the experience of DPS and therefore the DPS WORLD or the
World of DPS-Dipsites. (DPSites)/(DPS Alumni).

Born of DPS but reaching Beyond. It draws inspiration from DPS but goes beyond that
experience conceptually, physically, intellectually. In keeping with this aspiration, our logo
combines the laurel leaf with the light and the word. Mere light is not enough and the word, in
darkness, is lost.
In the years and decades ahead education will be extensively debated and recalibrated, hopefully
on utilitarian and liberal perceptions but the ideological battles too could be significant. Our
Foundation hopes to be at the forefront of the debate on education and to intervene with
comprehensive data and research in educational methods, drawing upon the best endeavours
throughout the world. Of course in the pursuit of excellence and equity we will also establish
schools. It is there that we will find sustenance and fuel for challenges of the future.

Drawing inspiration from legendary Principal Mr. Din Dayal and three evocative pieces of
literature- ‘Where the mind is without fear’ by Rabindranath Tagore, ‘Striving towards
perfection’ by Rudyard Kipling and Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Letter to his son’s teacher’,
every child in India and overseas is envisioned to benefit from this.

DPS World Foundation then.is a movement.

A movement that encompasses an ambitious, noble, productive journey to enrich the world with
unparalleled knowledge combining the art of learning with access to the best global pedagogues.
And, setting up DPS World Schools, classrooms and playfields which will shape children to be
true leaders of humankind equipped with refinement, competence and compassion,
servicing the growing middle class, a great strength of contemporary India.

This knowledge initiative conceptualized and spearheaded by a group of prominent Dipsites
including Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Shri Salman Khurshid, Meeraben Shah,
Manvender Singh ‘Vindi’ Banga, Rajiv Soni, Ashlesha Madappa, Ashok Gandotra,
Chintamani Rao, Pradeep Pant, Dr. Rakshanda Jalil, Rajeev Talwar and Rajiv Bhatnagar-
to achieve excellence in education with a transparent commitment to ‘equity for all’, cutting
edge technology combined with the human touch and uniqueness of the ‘teacher taught’ bond of
the DPS experience.

The Foundation is conceived to be largely populated by Dipsites in whose definition are included
spouses, parents and progeny of alumni. There will of course be included outstanding, talented
non-Dipsites to add value and infuse fresh ideas. Periodic policy formulation will be done by the
Core Life Members of the Foundation on the recommendation of the General Assembly of
Members. We are trying to get through to outstanding Dipsites spread across the world to be able
to, in a short while, offer a rich intellectual and professional base for our fellowship.

The constituent governing body consists of eminent personalities as Life Trustees, Term Trustees,
Advisory Council, Education & Resource Council.
An example of commitment is displayed by Poonam Arora, a term Trustee, Headgirl 1975 batch,
currently Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion,. Grinnel College, Iowa, USA ‘Happy to join this worthy cause.
Global education is a passion of mine. I would be able to suggest curricular initiatives to the schools/ Foundation
members and to recommend professional development programming for faculty. I can also help with connecting
with colleges in the USA and the Middle-East. I suggest that the Foundation establish scholarships for global
education from private donors and other foundations. I have a strong connection with the National Union of Teachers in The UK which does a lot of global initiatives’.

Now, a word about membership of Dipsites to DPS World Foundation..

The benefits will include:
* A DIPSITES DIRECTORY AND YELLOW PAGES – on which work has already commenced.

. To see more click here

There will be criticism, scoffs, even attempts to thwart efforts, but that makes make it even more challenging.
Mark Zuckerberg had not thought that more than one billion people will get connected via Facebook which
he had developed in his college dorm just for getting in touch with a few friends on campus.

Come; let us all join this movement. to give meaningful and wholesome expression to the vision of Dipsites.
As they say, ‘No Army Can Stop an Idea Whose Time Has Come’