Culinary event for Dipsites

Many Dipsites have been keen to have a culinary event, and so having spoken around one has the
following options :

* Guests can be made to taste different wines and attend an engrossing session on wine-pairing,
conducted by a leading Wine Sommelier. This will be one way in ensuring that everyone goes
back with some education and also appreciating finer things in life. Learning about wines is an
interesting area, which should appeal to one and all.

* A cooking demo and session by a leading Chef on Indian/ Continental cooking, followed by an
elaborate lunch over chit-chat.

We would like to know which of the above two options finds favor with you, expected participants,
duration of the event, if a meal is to be part of the event (lunch/ dinner), budget constraints, and
a tentative date.

Do share your thoughts to enable us to finalize the plan and confirm all arrangements.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

DPS World Foundation

Some enterprising Dipsites have got together to form the DPS World Foundation with
ambitious programs of providing connectivity amongst alumni and former
teachers and principals of DPS Schools.
They have requested the Dipsites Association to accept a fraternal relationship under
which all courtesies and special cooperation has been offered to the Association including
sharing of membership.

Since this is consistent with the objectives of the Association, the committee has agreed
in principle to such an arrangement and also accepted that both organizations should work
in tandem to further the noble cause of promoting our unique DPS culture.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Starting a platform for young Dipsite entrepreneurs…

We are delighted to share with you the response from Dipsites, in order these were received
until eve of 27th May 2015.

Piush Kumar: …happy to vet ideas if there something
deserving., send cv/ideas to_______ . Best there be some kind of process so this is not a
free for all

Vinod Kumar Mehra: Noble initiative. We can arrange a skype to understand the
vision and goal. my skype id is _________
Let me know your convenience any time in the evening later 9:00pm Delhi time

Huma Siddiqui: good initiative but there shld be some sort of get together where we can do
brain storming or not.

Rakesh K Mathur: Why just entrepreneurs ? Why not excellence in any field ?

Pawan Bakshi: Excellent Initiative.

Rajesh Chugh: This is a very brilliant idea..
Lets go ahead and give it a hand but to the deserving people with meticulous planning and
analytical proficiency . We need to deliberate on topics, and then deliberate AND debate
some more . People’s experiences have to be considered and learnt from …

Vinod Kumar Mehra
1) Its a noble initiative that needs direction for acorn to grow into a mighty oak.
2) You will find many to mentor, guide and funds.
3) Having said that the program needs a focus, plan and a model that can be unique
to DPS students and not left open.
4) Once the model is agreed upon – to begin with roll out the program in 2 – 3
schools among 10 – 12 th grade students.
5) This could be 3 – 6 months program.
6) Agree on technology DPS wants to innovate wherein students ideas/talent is
invited. Obvious innovation topics could be Drones, Mobility, AI, Robotics, security,
Mobile apps. But how about Social entrepreneurship that would become
emerging business trend.
7)My suggestion – build up an innovation model for DPS. And once that is in place
other pieces will fall into place.
8) Easy way out could be partnering with one of the leading incubator to jump start.
Just broad opinion on your noble initiative.

Deepak Nijhawan: Sorry for the delayed response. My daughter Sonia is getting married on
August 1, 2015 and so have been a bit distracted from other opportunities to help out.
You can count on me for this. I will have more time to devote on this in a few months.
However, I am looking for students who are looking to get involved in tech startup area.
My sons, Neil and Kush Nijhawan still in college have launched a start up called Shortnotice
in US. If some students want to get involved with Shortnotice they can email their resume to
them right away and they will get the process going. They can go to ________ and
apply by sending email to _______.

On the fun side check out the wedding site my daughter and fiancé launched last week. It is

Sincerely,Deepak Nijhawan. President, Infocon Systems, Inc

Sumit Kumar: Brilliant … That’s an awesome idea, tapping the DPS wealth of talent &
giving the young fertile minds, what i am sure will be a wonderful platform to grow, develop
& prove themselves…Am sure it will be a great success…All the best.Sumit Kumar

Rishi Kappal: I am setting up an entrepreneurial accelerator in Pune. Would like to do
sessions in DPS and bring out entreprenueurs which we can accelerate and give seed funding
. Write to me on ____

Tushar Somani: I would be happy to support this, and agree that it is a great idea!
Tushar Somani, Vice President, Operations, Aramark Healthcare USA

Kingshuk Ganguly: I am happy to be involved.

Atanu Das: Its a great move, I support the cause. Wish to get good response from
young brigade. Hope to be part of this initiative.

Manav Khurana: Would be more than happy to participate and provide inputs and

Prof. Nita Verma: what a gr8 idea n endeavor…. we dipsites can surely collectively
contribte such a eagerly on the bandwagon. keep me posted

Manish Chaturvedi: Sure, I am interested . Keep me update .

My team and I are putting together the methodology for putting into action the inputs of the


CA Rajiv Soni
Cell: 98-993-28283

Starting a platform for young Dipsite entrepreneurs…

In the recent past, I was approached by some High School students of a DPS school to mentor them
on a rather unique Internet based application. That set us thinking…and we sent out the following
email to just a few Dipsites:
We are restructuring The Dipsites Association and among the first few activities that we want to pursue
is: Start a platform for young Dipsite entrepreneurs needing mentoring, seed
capital and support.

Young India needs to be encouraged to Innovate. To create change; To disrupt the
status quo…to generate groundbreaking ideas in plenty of contexts beyond business~
Government, academic and non-profit organizations…thereby sparking change.

The plan is initially to look for Innovations in High School students of all DPS schools.
Innovations in the form of new products, business models, customer
experiences or any form of new idea.

In this regard, my team and I seek inputs/ guidance from you…and certainly,

Just some things that disturb me:
No Indian university in global top 200
Top Ethical Companies in the world- Not a Single Indian!
Does India Inc love corruption: Not a single Indian private co part of UN initiative
against graft.
World’s best metropolises: No Indian city in top 40!

Within two days, we got an encouraging response from two Dipsites- Piush Kumar (Hong Kong/ US based)
and Vinod Mehra (UAE based).

They say ‘from little acorns grow mighty oaks’ and so… as we table the first app of two 17 year old
DPS students to the above two Dipsite entrepreneurs, we seek interest of other Dipsites who would
like to partake in building this platform…and take the DPS Alumni Association to greater heights
and be of use to the DPS commune and the society at large.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Why Mrs Sharda Nayak deserves support

Dr Sharda Nayak made a bold move to displace Vijay Shunglu whose flawed election as Chairman and subsequent questionable decisions have caused great anxiety and concern to. Members of the DPS Society.

She believes she has the support of all Members who are not tied to any compulsion. Mr Shunglu had himself similarly displaced Narender Kumar and midway brought Mr Ashok Chandra to be Chairman. The accepted tradition of no-confidence has operated in DPS Society from the ouster of the legendary Din. Dayal, Justice N N Goswami, Narender Kumar, but obviously has to be tested in GB meeting by a majority. It is Mr Shunglu’s obdurate refusal to allow a majority consideration of the issue and indeed manipulation to introduce new members without lawful sanction of the GB that caused the crisis.

The way out is not to maliciously involve the police and use strong arm tactics of requisitioned goons under the supervision of unlawfully reinstated Principal of DPS Faridabad but to convene a meeting of the GB where all matters but particularly the report of the Election Disputes Resolution Committee ought to be considered.

This is not the time to hide behind false curtains of moral approbation and patently untruthful accounts of events by obviously interested parties but to accept the wrongs that have been committed by the establishment and the spirit of satyagrah that Dr Sharda Nayak exhibited peacefully.

This issue cannot be decided by the police merely because there is a stand off between members and there is no cause to believe that peace is threatened. It has to be a decision of the members at a GB meeting or else to pronounced by an appropriate court of law.

Dipsites felicitation with Apeejay Karmayuga Bronze Chakra

Dipsites respected principal Mrs Aditi Misra, Dinesh Dayal, Vipul Sachdeva, Rajesh Chugh,
Rajat Tandon
did us all proud when they were conferred with KARAMVEER CHAKRA 2014-2015
on Sat.21 March 2015 in New Delhi. Click here for pics.

The “KARMAVEER PURASKAAR (KVP)” is the Global Awards for Social Justice and Citizen Action
instituted by the people sector with various partner organisations, citizens at large and media supporters.
The awards are a part of the RIGHT every WRONG movement… and were sponsored by iCONGO
(acronym for the “Indian Confederation of NGOs”.) in partnership with the alumni organisation of DPS,
The Dipsites Association.

Lets give them a big hand.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Dipsites felicitation with Apeejay Karmayuga Bronze Chakra

The Dipsites Association congratulates Dipsites Ms. Aditi Misra, Mr. Dinesh Dayal, Mr. Vipul Sachdev, Mr. Rajat Tandon and Mr. Rajesh Chugh on their selection for the Apeejay Karmayuga Bronze Chakra awarded by iCONGO for Inspiring Solid Character among fellow citizens. It  is a matter of great privilege for our Association to  have them as an integral part of the Karmaveer Community and the  Right every Wrong Movement.

The categories are:

Alumnus Taking the Most Significant Social Initiative: Any 2 alumni that stepped up and did more than needed/expected and helped further the cause and prestige of the Alumni Association

* Mr. Dinesh Dayal

* Mr. Vipul Sachdev

2)      Young Samaritan Alumnus’ (Under 50 years of age): Any 2 alumni youth that assisted you and helped the association beyond what they had to do

* Rajat Tandon

* Rajesh Chugh

3)      Excellence in Student Development: Any 2 external people (not necessarily alumni) that helped you out in brining students into the association (thereby developing them further due to connectivity) or those Deans/Principals who made it easier for you to reach students in their DPS schools thereby showing a concern for their students’ development beyond just the 12th grade.

* Mrs Aditi Misra Principal DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon

The award will be given at REX conclive, a knowledge Forum being organized by iCONGO from 21-23 March 2015 at the Jesus Mary College, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Registration starts at 8.30 am on 21st March. The ceremony will be held from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm for all the three days.


Dinesh Dayal

Dinesh Dayal MBA ’84J, is Chief Operating Officer at L’Oreal in Mumbai. Dinesh has been working at L’Oreal for 21 years, since his graduation from INSEAD. He has been based in France, Thailand and now India.

Choosing to take an MBA at INSEAD in particular he preferred the European alternative to the stereotype of Indians going to the US as he was looking for a complete “life” experience and not merely a business education.

As Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. he has contributed richly to the DPS Alumni Association by encouraging the Western India chapter (Mumbai( of the DPS Alumni association to grow to 250 in a short period of time.

Heading the INSEAD National Alumni Association based in Mumbai, the regional representatives being developed in Delhi and Bangalore under his guidance.

He completed his college from St. Stephens, Delhi University in 1979.  His hobbies include snorkeling and Off road motor biking.

Vipul Sachdev

Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. 1977. Now, CEO and Managing Director, Zara International- a leading Ferrous and non ferrous metal manufacturer and supplier globally.

He has faithfully attended the Alumni events over last 30 years and spearheaded many eg. blood donation camps, tree planting, sports day and annual dinners.  He has been a key contributor in building an effective service to the ever increasing DPS alumni- helping them effectively network and improve careers.

He has made significant investment of his time in service to  the first ever Career Growth Workshop with alumni from around the globe sharing their experience with DPS students at High School level, ‘the element of personal discovery’, truths about capacity for achievement, balance, and fulfillment, in some defined professional areas.

He is also leading the initiative to include alumni from 140 plus DPS schools into the Alumni Association.

He is a global traveller, and enjoys playing the violin.

Rajat Tandon

Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. 1987. Hansraj College, Delhi University 1990. Is now Associate Director at Investors Clinic, Noida, a premier real estate consulting organization with more than 75k satisfied customers.

His contribution to the DPS Alumni Association has been outstanding, including his key contribution being cosponsoring DPS Alumni events and assisting in strengthening the association team.

Mr. Rajat Tandon has given personal time and attention in encouraging alumni from 140 DPS schools in India and overseas to join in, helping the association expand the profile. He has spearheaded reformatting the Annual DPS alumni dinner event wherein versatile, eloquent, charming, mesmerizing Dipsite musicians, singers, performers, dancers, comics, ventriloquists & Puppeteers – entertain us. This becomes an opportunity for young Dipsites to showcase their passion, aspirations, talent. Henceforth this will be a Melodious Musical Extravaganza celebrating the spirit of excellence and this will form the theme of the evening bringing together various age-groups.

He has been a National level skating champion and is extremely regular in his visits to the gym.

Rajesh Chugh

Alumnus of DPS mathura Rd. and Bhagat Singh College Of Commerce, Delhi University. He completed LLB, then switched careers into Food production and service, now heading the famous family venture M/S NIZAM’S KATHI KABAB, a multi unit restaurants chain with a 7 city footprint in India.
The success of the first Career Growth Workshop at DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon in 2014 is a testament to his relentless dedication, commitment and outstanding service to the initiative. 25 Dipsites got together to provide an illuminating inside into the journey of their careers… including three beamed in via video conferencing from Tokyo, USA and Dubai.

In a world buzzing with endless advice on which career to choose, what to do after school….this Workshop created a quiet space where High School DPS students can hear senior Dipsites about their journey; and begin to think differently.

He has been a National level Swimmer, having participated and excelled in various competitive aquatics events

The DPS Alumni Association is proud of all Dipsites.