New Members in governing body, DPS Society

Further to our meeting on 4th April 2014 on ‘Dipsites representation on Governing Body of DPS Society’, attached herewith is the former President’s communication to current Chairman.

In view of this, we Dipsites should pursue our case of being represented more actively. 

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CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon


Dear Shri Shunglu,

Although I have not received any information from the Society office on the induction of new Members, from Smt Shovana Natayan’s e mail I gather that such an initiative is under way. Whilst I refrain from taking up the matter on merits, I am clear that this is an unacceptable way of taking up such an important function of the Society. Our past, established practice is that Members are inducted by circulation once the Chairman has ensured consensus amongst present Members. It would be very counter productive to depart from that practice and that too without first discussing the issue in a Society meeting. For some inexplicable reason the Society meeting is not being called. Furthermore with the Society election under serious question, having been found defective by the Disputes Resolution Committee and now subject to litigation I the High Court, I cannot see how lawfully or even morally this is permissible. I am afraid any attempt to push this through will only embarrass eminent persons and make us a laughing stock. Already there is much speculation in the media.

Besides the unseemly haste to induct new Members we seem to have overlooked the wide spread desire that we consider the induction process in some detail. The Dipsites Association have a legitimate claim to be considered as stake holders and therefore better equipped and entitled to be inducted. I believe that these issues have not been brought to the notice of those eminent Members who may have initiated the proposals or approved by circulation. Please understand that any final view in this will not be acceptable. As former President of the Society I deserved the courtesy of prior information and consultation. Sadly these too have been sacrificed at the alter of ambitions that are not shared by all Members.

Best wishes,

Salman Khurshid


Deepak Mehta Musical Evening on 5th April at Air Force Auditorium New delhi

My Dear Fellow Dipsites, Hope all is well at you end.

I am 1979 batch , who is pursuing his singing passion of late(songs like Kishore da, Mohd Rafi Saab, Mahinder Kapoor etc) and I would be extremely happy to sing at any event organised by Dipsites. 

Deepak Mehta and Aparna Upadhyay performing for Sangeet Smriti 05 April 2014 at Air Force Auditorium New delhi. To see please Click here

Warm Regards

take care and hv a gr8 day
deepak mehtaa


From little acorns grow…

The meeting for ‘DIPSITES Representation on DPS Society’ was held as scheduled.
The senior most Dipsite 1964 batch sat on the same table as a Dipsite of 2002 batch…
and Dipsites both from Mathura Road and RK Puram sat and discussed the matter. 
And so… yes, the process of ‘build up’ has started and yes, it will take some time; 
but hopefully, not a generation.

In the meanwhile, do feel free to let us have your views and pointers for meaningful
discussions in the future. 

CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Dipsites representation in DPS society- 4

The response to the meeting for ‘Dipsites representation in DPS society’ has been
positive, illustrative being:
* Faiz Hakim, 1981, Ca, USA: Hi Rajiv, What you guys are doing is indeed
a good thing. Unfortunately I am far from India otherwise would have attended.
Best Wishes
* Poonam Arora, Headgirl 1975, Associate Dean of College for Diversity and Inclusion 
at Grinnel College, Iowa, USA. : Hi Rajiv, Unfortunately I won’t be able to

attend this event. However, it has my full support. As an educator with experience in
India, the US and the Middle East, I can say with confidence that educational governance
and oversight (which is what the DPS society should be providing) MUST come
from alumnae, not vested business or political interests. Time to take charge of
our alma mater and its future direction. We are its best representatives and its best
custodians. We also need to model this exercise in self governance for the
current students of DPS schools everywhere. Feel free to quote from my
email and to use my credentials to bolster your argument.
best, Poonam
* Deepak Mehta, 1979, DPS RK Puram (upon sending the communication to
his DIPSITE friends and associates): Kindly consider this v important mail,for the sake
of the future of our school. warm regards

The meeting has been fixed courtesy Dipsite Manoj Srivastava, 1976 batch, 9810038854
-4 April, Fri, 5pm
-Rotary Habitat Centre, 53, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi. (opp. Saket police station)
-Charges of Conference Room + tea is Rs.3000 approximately; this will be divided
by all Dipsites present, and should not be more than Rs. 200/- per head.

DIPSITES of all DPS schools are urged to join in. For discussion on blog please
click here.

Request your confirmation, and your putting this on all Social sites you are part
of- if you believe what we are doing is right.


CA Rajiv Soni
President, The Dipsites Association
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon

Career Information Workshop, next steps

Mrs Aditi Misra
Principal, DPS Gurgaon Sector 45
Thank you so much for the courtesies extended when Dipsite Ms. Simrat Gulati and I came to your office earlier today to seek your guidance on the Career Information Workshop planned to be held by the Dipsites Association.
We are extremely grateful to you for your time, and the suggestions that you have given, which we can make more concrete in our next meeting (tentatively Friday 11th April at 4 pm)…and then share with all Dipsites.
Rajiv Soni
cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon 
cc: Volunteer Speakers- 1. Suman Jyoti Khaitan (Legal), 2. Deepika Metenge (Medicine, Physiotherapy), 3. Simrat Gulati (Advertising), 4. Rohit Kaushik (Film Making), 5. Ravinder Kumar (Media), 6. Abhishek Ray (Architecture & Design), 7. Bhanu Dua (Medicine, Pharmacy), 8. Dr. Sunil Gupta (Motivation & Leadership), 9. Anil Alagh (Diamond Merchandising), 10. Rajesh Chugh (Restaurant & Hospitality), 11. Sanjiv Rai (Hospitality Corporate), 12. Sanjay Bhalla (Dairy Farming), 13. Anil Bhadur Mathur (Marketing), 14. Jaidev Sharma (Insurance), 15. Col. Rajiv Anand (Army), 16. Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal (Creative Art, Potttery) 
17. Rajiv Soni (Chartered Accountancy). Email ids for 13, 14, 15 are with Dipsite Ms. Vedika Aum   
cc: Team- Rajiv Bhatnagar, Atul Malhotra, Vipul Sachdev, Nachiketa Kapur, Ashok Khattar, Jatish Mongia, Vineet Garg, Rakesh K. Mathur, Sumit Kumar, Shibani Taluja, Deepak Berara, Utkarsh Amitabh, Pranav Jain, Atanu Das,  

Time has come…

Dipsites representation in DPS society- Meeting fixed  courtesy Dipsite Manoj Srivastava 9810038854
-4 April, Fri, 5pm 
-Conference Room,Rotary Habitat Centre, 53,Pushp Vihar, opp. Saket police stn.
–Total charges of conference room + tea is Rs. 3000/-

DIPSITES of all DPS schools are urged to join in.
Request your confirmation, and  your putting this on all Social sites you are part of- if you believe what we are doing is right.
Rajiv Soni


Dipsites representation on DPS Society board

It is with a heavy heart I have to share with you that the DPS Society that manages all DPS schools has been fraught with infighting, rebellion, and dissatisfaction on personal grounds- with no concern for any of the DPS Schools. Obviously, since they are not from DPS. They cannot feel for DPS the way we feel.

One example of such dissent is detailed here below .


You will be surprised to know that there is no representation of your Dipsites alumni association on the Governing Body of the DPS Society. Whilst the current members are eminent personalities in their own fields they are not from DPS schools- and therefore do not have feelings for DPS. There are several instances where Dipsites have not been allowed to enter the school…even when it was not for an admission.This is insulting to say the least. The Mumbai DPS Career Information Workshop, last year, was canceled at the last minute after all arrangements had been made. This was at no cost to the school, DPS Navi Mumbai, and of immense value to the students/ their parents. 

And now, the Delhi Career Information Workshop will be held in a non-DPS school.

There are many more instances.


There are many accomplished Dipsites, and at senior positions, who should be in the Governing body of DPS Society. 


Please do let us have your views/reply in writing.


Always at your service,


CA Rajiv Soni

President, The Dipsites Association

cell: 98-993-28283 Gurgaon



From: Sharada Nayak <>
Date: 12 March 20149:53:03 pm IST
To: All members of DPS Society

Subject: my letters to Mr. Shunglu

After a month long frustrating period of trying to work with Chairman Shunglu I sent the following letters to him when he constituted a selection committee without consulting me, listing members who are not as per the rules of CBSE or Haryana Education Dept..


March 10.
Dear Mr. Shunglu,

I was at DPS Faridabad when the Resolution circulated by you was given to the Offg. Principal to get signatures of the Haryana MC members.


This Selection Committee was not discussed with me and does not have my approval.

I therefore reject it.


I showed you the enclosed tentative list two weeks ago which I had drawn up according to guidelines we have followed, but you refused to discuss it at that time. I may add that the persons listed are selected by designation and are not my personal friends.


 . Subsequent letter dated March 11th
 March 11, 2014

Dear Mr. Shunglu,

I must remind you that you appeared as a witness in the inquiry instituted by the Managing Committee of Delhi Public School, Faridabad against Mr. Anil Kumar. So fairness and justice demands that you keep yourself away from any decision with respect to Mr. Anil Kumar and/or with respect to any litigation in the matter in which you had appeared.  In the circumstances, the legal position attained by you in this case cannot be changed merely because you have taken over as chairman, DPS Society.


The case against Mr. Anil Kumar is now listed for hearing on 14th of March at Faridabad courts. It pains me to note that the entire team of lawyers has been changed by you without consultation with the school managing committee, which everyone suspects is for a definite purpose than to protect the interest of the school and DPS society.


In view of the above I intend to engage a lawyer to represent the case of DPS Faridabad, dispassionately and without any group or person affiliations in the society.


It is my observation that the disruptive element at DPS Faridabad is a group of allies of the former principal Mr. Anil Kumar. Until his case is disposed off, we should wait and then take a decision on a principal, because whoever heads the school will have to face these internal dissensions.


I sent you a letter  yesterday (March 10, 2014) rejecting the Selection Committee you had constituted for selecting a regular principal for DPS Faridabad, because you had circulated a Resolution to the Managing Committee without consulting me.


In continuation of that letter I am of the view that we may not hold a selection for some time and allow the present arrangement to continue.


Yours truly,


Sharada Nayak–This afternoon I was informed over the phone by the principals of DPS Faridabad and Dwarka that I had been removed from Chairmanship of both schools. I believe I have been removed from some satellite schools as well. but as yet i have not heard anything officially. 
I will soon be sending you a narrative account of my work association with Mr. Shunglu since February, who I supported in the recent election with full trust and confidence in his integrity. To say I am disappointed is an understatement .

I have had a wonderful relationship with over twenty schools in the last 15years where I have received respect and been accorded a dignified status, coloured with warmth and appreciation.This denoument comes as a disappointment because it does not behove an educated person with a distinguished record of service to be so petty and vindictive. But I will still continue to work in the capacity of an elected life member of the Working Committee. As for parting from the schools, which are the raison d’etre of our association, I can only quote a good friend of mine who in similar circumstances said with a smile “I go as I came, fired with enthusiasm”!!                     ________________________________________________________________
New Delhi – 110 003.
Phone:011-2469-4582 (office) (personal)